More Services and general notes


  • Large stocks in Switzerland (Moehlin), Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and China
  • Advantageous, favourable possibilities ex mill stock
  • All forms and Alloys from production

Machining facilities

  • Cut to size service
  • Shearing
  • Sawing
  • Cutting by Plasma/Laser
  • Cutting by Waterjet
  • Heat treatment


  • Elbows, reductions, tees, flanges, collars in all named alloys

Advice (Consulting)

  • Through competent staff
  • Through works engineers and metallurgists

Notes on the data

Property data contained in this publication are typical of the materials described but are not suitable for specifications unless given as limiting. Values for properties are expressed in both U.S. customary units and the International System of Units (SI). Values may have been measured in either system or may be rounded conversions from those or other systems. Mechanical properties are for usual product sizes and may not represent large or small sections. Some rupture strength values were derived from the Larson-Miller-Parameter and may not be results of actual tests under stated conditions. Property data are room-temperature values unless otherwise stated.

No responsibility is taken for the printed statements. BIBUS METALS cannot be made responsible for eventual mistakes or misprints.